Applied Maths

Very much a work in progress. So again we must say caveat emptor, and all sugestions welcome (via notify me above) First of all The applied maths teachers association of Ireland a very slick front page The book of words: i.e. the syllabus. This is a model of brevity and should serve as a clarion call to other subjects as to how things should be done. A good page with links revision notes questions and answers. is an intel and co initiative to contribute to education. a well resourced site. A Comercial site sellingsubject Videos etc. (probably more expensive than YouTube) A starting point for Video's on Youtube, starts with Walter Lewin of MIT on Units. Well worth watching. applied Maths revison page from St Michael's College Ailsbury Road. A center of excelence in secondary applied maths teaching in Ireland. page on the discovering maths website gives a good outline of why you might consider applied Maths for the LC. Again a good page giving reasons for and against doing applied maths on a comercial website, in this case live maths set up be Sean Murphy and offering Live online lessons.

Textbook (Oliver Murphy)