Blooms taxonomy holds a venerable place in educational theory. This page is an attempt to introduce other voices into the discussion and is based, in part, on discussions which took place on the ITFORUM mailing list.
A critique by by Brenda Sugrue, PhD, CPT

Sugested by Clark Quinn.

Donald Clark Plan B
A nice critical blog post, with an interesting set of comments

A rewriting of the taxonomy for the 21st century, changing the nouns to verbs:

Another way of looking at things 12 congnitive proceses that underlie learning

Blooms "Two Sigma" Observations and recommendations relating to the difference between individual tuition and group or classroom teaching

And an online version of the original research paper

Alternative perspectives.
The following blog entry from an ASD viewpoint is worth reading: Maths a look back to the future, This is a blog entry on the SMILES project which aimed to provide individualized work for maths students.