This page is in the very early stages. and is created in the context of the growing popularity of MOOC's, Massive online open Courses.
Building a course online, may be useful if you are thinking of playing with some Flipped classroom Ideas, and could also be useful if you have remote students, or students who, because of illness etc. cannot attend your classes in person.

Reading for course Design This is a masive site with lots of information on instructional design etc. While the front page does not look very promising, there is lots of reading on pages like the following:

Reading for Course Building This is a set of tools and procedures, together with a discusion forum built by Google after they produced a very succesful online open course on web searching in the summer of 2012. An open source textbook on project management for instructional design. Tools and websites for creating rapid online games etc.

Assessment Rubrics These are from a post by David Edwin Stone to the IT Forum at AECT.
"Here is the rubric that we have used for several years at Southern Polytechnic.
Here are some others:
Penn State:
California State Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT):
There is also a guide provided by the UM System on quality in Online
Education available at:"
Badrul Khan's " E-learning Quick Checklist " Sugested By John Griffin from Laura Wright of Inacol

Examples of online courses
The following two sites give examples of open access online courses with serious topics treated in depth. Coursera and Udacity

Finaly, before you re-invent the wheel, you should be aware of collections such as the Khan academy, The Irsih company Alison, and the Open Courseware Consortium initiative, all of whom may have something already built which covers what you are looking for. In technical subjects, MIT in particular also have versions of their materials tailored for second level (high school), Which you can find off this MIT OCW site.

Much of this material is available for ipod and ipad through ITunesU.

Augmented reality