Notes on a flipped classroom approach

This is just a collection of notes based on doing a lit survey of recent papers. Its unstructured, and very much just bullet point for my personal use.

What technology is available to both teachers and students

Active classroom blended learning

Whats the most appropriate LMS

Depends on the nature of the learning required, probably more valuable for skill based learning.

Structure for student preparation, define expectations.

SALG student assessment of learning Gains.

Turns the classroom into a reflective collaborative learning space.

Better at creating the knowledge web.

Promotes deep exploration of content by engaging in Dialogic learning

Teacher training needs much deeper understanding of the affordances of technology to deploy this teaching model.

Individual video based learning outside, Group based learning inside.

Reminiscent of
Reading the subject and discussing it in tutorial groups

Completion of tasks outside of time, idea of completion of a class entrance ticket.

Peer feedback in a flipped envioronment.

Demot MCaul

Meaningful enquiry based learning

Developing learner competencies such as collaborative group learning and discussion.

Knowledge manipulation and / creation in addition to acquisition.

Efficient use of class time, more active learning

Sources for making tutorials see