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Secondly, the Following site :
has a very comprehensive coverage of this topic. Ultimately I would hope to give this page more of an Irish related character than that site, but it is still early days. For the moment, a good site with an Irish perspective is: This is from the Drumcondra Educaion Centre.
Back ground. I'm trying to locate resources, and update myself on current thinking as to the value of these devices. With new technology, I ocasionaly find myself to be a bit of a Luddite, and any comments I make here should be read with that authors bias in mind.
Resources A blog entry on getting started with a smart board.
Teaching Ideas A blendspace (these are fun) built around the theme of the IWB as a window to resources on the web A google doc with series of slides of IWB teaching ideas. Some ideas on alternative online resources. An online community for discussing smart brand interactive white boards

Stephen Downs on starting a MOOC
A Daily newspaper of Ideas
Interactive White Board Daily News

A short piece on education excerpted from Sibyll Marshall A senior microsoft education type states that it should be students first, not technology first.
Educational research Whiteboards for people with disabilities including sight loss and dyslexia. Wall Higgins and Smith on how the visual aspects of the IWB help their thinking. A 150 page or so report showing some limited advantages is some areas.
A 2005 Liturature review From the Journal of computer assisted learning.
A 2007 study examining their imapct in teaching mathematics
A 2008 Discusion of the introduction of IWB technology in South Africa. A thoughtful early piece giving some consideration to aproriate educational models. Marzano at his best. This is a short note on IWB use, and quotes percentile gain in performance as a result. I always read Marzano with a little caution, and would sugest that you read some of his other publications to get a feel for his research methodology. A book chapter from Pete Sharma and Barney Barret. A quite readable introduction to moving into White board use in langage teaching. Pedagogy and Activity theory. Examining the teaching models in maths education engendered by IWB use.
A case study providing evidence of IWB's leading to a more interactive and engaged classroom. Another activity theory paper. The euScribe project reoprt. This is good reading for background info.
The folowing website has a number of tools or apps which you can use in your teaching practice, these include a timer which can do timed countdowns, a word magnet app where you can drag a collection of words into place, and more there is an introductory video here Video on triptico and the website is here
This tip was provided by Phil Ackroyd of City Colledge, Norwich. This is a free screen capture tool for PC and MAC computers. Smart boards have a screen recording tool which has this functionality, but users of other boards might want to use this to capture and demonstrate online activity for their students.
Lesson repositories The company Silo for Smart Whiteboards The company Silo for Promethean Whiteboards
Spongelab A fairly large collection of interactive resources which should work with any board. registration required
Inspirational and out of the box sites. A note about what digital citizenship implies with a side swipe at IWB's Tom Barrett on turning the IWB off

Some Sites with interesting Visuals From Flowing data, this shows UK naval ship locations as an animation through the first world war. A list of TED talks which could work in the classroom

A course from the NCTE,22194,en.html