The usual warning, this is a work in progress. Its also worth noting that numeracy is a significant part of literacy, and I have resources for that on my Maths page, here:Maths page
I would also include digital literacy. I am not going to develop that here, but there is a nice hierarchy of competences in this pdf from VOX in Norway
Vox is the Norwegian agency for lifelong learning.

A definition
Literacy involves listening, speaking reading, writing numeracy and using every day technology to comunicate and handle information, NALA, and Susan Fitzgerald Arklow Youthreach.

Irish Adult literacy websites
Online Learning at L2 and L3 This is an initialtive from NALA and allows students to sign in and set their own pace. It provides FETAC certification.

Second Level
Junior Cert Literacy resources site
A pdf on developing a whole school plan:
A book list from the national behavior support services

A very comprehensive website from the Profesionall development service for teachers

At the comunication level