This page has been created initially from resources mentioned on the CESI list for maths education. All suggestions or comments are most welcome.

Laurence Cuffe

Resources on teaching maths. this is an heterogeneous collection of papers etc. on teaching maths

Teaching Geometry, van Heile Levels
Walter Whiteley teaching to see like a mathematician A general site for the history of mathematics. I find adding a historical context to a mathematics development can engage students. See for instance the entry on Hypatia of Alexandria!
And a video:

Sites primarily for primary and secondary: - Irish Maths Teachers Association - Online support system for Project Maths students, including Video Lessons, Interactive Exercises and Online Support. Junior Cert and Leaving Cert. A pay for use site, with some free recources. A great web page for constructions. Students can study this on their own! A great site from Petr Lee sourced from the Irish Times - an American site with lots of flash games, mostly primary and early secondary in level. - and find your way to the teachers/maths area. - 25 maths areas. Well laid out and oriented to the Irish curriculum. - "interactive maths areas" choose math and play. A deep site with lots of activities, I still have to give it a detailed test drive, but seems well worth a visit. Watch this space.
This site gives excellent Maths resources from Junior Infants through to 2nd Year Secondary, Thanks Fergal O'Neill This is the maths for second level support site. Well designed and authoritative. - a great collection of Maths websites. The links section of the above site. (links to 19 great sites) Well recommended, clean design. is St Edwards national school in Sligo's page, and it has got a very comprehensive set of resources for primary. A very well populated site with flassh resources (Sorry ipad users, dream on!) is a forty page guide to the LC maths 2009 exam written by Aiden Roantree and published by the Irish independent. The project maths website. A bit fussy, and the search function could be better, but if you are playing, this is the only game in town. The Irish ITEMS online Moodle. Items is a European initiative to improve teachers education in maths and science.
www.lastminutemaths.comMaths flash cards for your ipod etc. Cool JC/LC covered! Remember not to bring your ipod into the exam. sleeper of a site, clean elegant layout. A teacher explains maths. An online calculator which covers a lot of secondary math (Commercial) A site providing live online learning. This can be a cheaper alternative to grinds while retaining the immediate interactivity which can be very helpful in learning maths. (Commercial), the following info is provided by the supplier of the link: Resources covering most of the Irish curriculum, upper primary, Junior Cert and Leaving Cert.. Easy to navigate and search with the ability to save favorites with teachers own files. Also has a sister site where pupils can complete assignments created by the teacher on yTeach. Variety of subscription options.
StudyClix One I like, with a lot of open access resources. Free LC grind session, Dublin, Saturday mornings. These are on a first come first served basis, but there is also a link to video on the page.
Numeracy programs recommended by in this Blog post
NumberShark, from this company,, but also available through Irish outlets (just google!) and
Black Cat Numeracy Activity Builder I cant find the publishers web site for this, but it is well recommended, and a Google search will bring up a lot of suppliers.

Not specifically Irish sites A blog explaining a wide collection of algebra and other resources. A place which hosts personally written summaries, solved problem sets and examination advice, all made freely available to the A level Math student. A mix of trial software and useful resources sorted in American educational terms.
www.mathisfun.comQuite a comprehensive site though the content can be quite shallow, i.e.Just a simple web page describing a concept etc.
www.math.comAn older site, quite comprehensive but at times with an American approach to topics. It is add supported and has pop up windows. At times the maths notation on screen is a little hard to read. That said there is a lot of good stuff here.
www.math-drills.comThis site was down when I tried to access it so no current info. A site which seeks to enhance the student's math solving efficiencies by teaching him/her not to"sweat the small stuff". big site with lots of good java games and demonstrations, many of which could be good to use in class. Add supported, so be prepared for some visual noise. subscription site $20 for six months. I kept my money. A subscription site with some good free demo games and resources. A useful resource that includes teaching strategies, games and more. Scottish curriculum resources in the form of down loadable excel files. There is a lot here, well described. Also has some PP files. Green maths resources, and American High school resource. There is also green chemistry here, but I'm not impressed by that section of the site. Items is a European initiative to improve teachers education in maths and science. Singaporean site which caters to the A level syllabus; includes lots of fully solved problems in "Question Locker" vaults (made completely free).
Analyzing data A blurb on Data Hero a visualization tool:
and the site itself: Short 2min videos on a variety of maths tipics. Problem sets + needs a sign up but cool

Technology for Secondary/College Mathematics: very busy front page. Look for the link at the top of the right hand column.
http://__www.nctm.org__The library of virtual resources: Well worth a look Utah State University "National library of virtual manipulative" Clean layout, a joy to use. very professional and comprehensive school site. Great resources. W#hat this site wants to be when it grows up. a fast general Quiz maker

NGram's and other statistics sources, Sequence Numbers Use this for teaching graphs or whatever. Its a cool application which draws graphs or the relative popularity of words and phrases in the Google Books corpus. As an example try putting in Naval and Gun, and the time line will show peaks for times of global war.
BBC/OU The Joy of Stats video's A series of videos explaining stats. Do you know that most Swede's have more than the average number of legs? If you are doing serious Stats, this is a free alternative to spss. You might also want to look at the R Project and Flowing data's tutorial page on data visualization using R. This might be Transition year or young scientist territory, its unlikely to feature in delivery of the regular curriculum.
Gun deaths in the US (crowd sourced) Gun deaths in the US an interactive page based on twitter links to news reports. Sequence Numbers some cool results here, and its an area of math in the early days of research which your students might understand
Tools and Software. Geogebra A system usable either on line, or downloaded for exploring geometry and algebra
And a collection of applets for it use Java, so if you are browsing with Chrome, you are out of luck. This is Microsoft mathematics Version 4. This is a very good calculator/graphing tool/ computer algebra tool, which also shows the steps it used in solving algebraic equations. Warning, this is ideal for students wishing to speed up their homework! A link to a youtube showing how Pixar use averages.
Maths Blogs of interest (only six for the moment) Velodrome maths, part of a general UK site on sport maths. Good for Geogebra tips Dan Meyers blog, Good ideas and good resources for a PBL based approach to maths teaching David Wees's publication list. Some good ideas here on teaching math and how children learn. Not quite a blog, but close! Coleen Youngs math blog.
Maths for Programmers A nice post on how we are teaching maths wrong.
Online practice sites Allows you to choose among a wide range of arithmatic topics. You set up a class group with names and then can generate a test controlling difficulty etc.
EDMODO An online site where its very straightforward to set up a class and administer online quizzes etc. Students don't need an email for this, you just give them a class code and the log on and do the work. You have to make up the tests though.

Fetac maths

L3 Module Descriptor: For the full L3 Maths Application of Number

L4 Mathematics
L4 Functional Maths
L4 Business Calculations

L5 Module Descriptor

The structure of FETAC now requires the provider to submit a program for each module that the intend to offer. This is now the document that you as a teacher have to get your hands on in order to develop program plans etc. This means that programs can be delivered in a manner which is more sensitive to the needs of individual groups of students, but it also means that it now may be more difficult to get your hands on the information you need to deliver your course. New module specifications are now available via the FETAC website, but you should be aware that you have to the approved program plan from your provider in addition to the above module descriptors before you are in a position to deliver the award. If you are delivering one of the new modules it is important to verify that the module is approved as a component for the overall Award that your learners may be working toward, and that it has sufficient points to allow them to complete the award. As an example of this there are a number of L3 modules, in the new system Application of Number, and Mathematics.L3 Mathematics is a 10 point option, while L3 Application of number is only 5 points. This is an independent site where FETAC tutors/Teachers have uploaded teaching material. further education support Service (FESS) site Good for a gereral background to further education in Ireland

A suitable text (Suggestions welcome!)
I have found the following: "Adult Learners Guide to Numeracy",Geoff Mainwaring, Chambers Edinburgh 2007 is a good text for L3 which is appropriate for adult learners. Another very useful text is Shane Gibney's text available as a download from the fetacresources website.

Got a question? Stack exchange is a 100% free questions forum where you can ask anything you want this link is into a section on algebra.

Adults Learning Maths international organization for adults learning maths. This site has a large repository or research papers, The organization runs a series of international conferences for practitioners in the adult ed. field, and has a significant number of research papers available via their website. Skillwise resources for Adults This is the maths section Very clear material dept Education:
: education in maths, with lesson plans and resources A network of teachers

Dyscalcula and related issues. very comprehensive website on dyscalcula, advice, diagnosis, learning aids etc. A good starting point A discusion forum for all things dyscalculatic. much more personal site, also worth a visit but not as authoritative (that's my personal opinion). special education support service page for dyscalcula. Very well done, clean design, UCD research page: dyslexia association of Ireland page for Dyscalcula
A recent Research paper on MLD mathematics learning Disorder Possibly useful software for helping students with Dyscalcula: New Zealand site (Scroll to the bottom of the page) commercial website "Inclusive technologies" Software and devices to help

A big problem with Dyscalcula is getting a handle on how people with it feel. These discussion forums are a place to start:

English as a second language learners
This is a whole subject in itself. lets start with some guidance notes from Stanford This is a collection of resources with a global flavour. It helps show students maths in a transnational context.