At this point this is just a collection of online resources. These will get sorted and rated at some point, but I cant say when!
Ackermans Function Sand Box Ackermans
Sequences to Functions, Try your date of Birth Sandbox sequences to functions
Light-Bot, the Game Lghtbot the game
Genetic algorithms solving light bot Genetic Algorithms, explained with Lightbot
A downloadable Forest etc. Fire simulator
Schellings model from VI Hart Triangles and squares
The NetLogo Models page: gives an impresion of whats available
HTML5 example of a Cloth model
Boxes Falling
Breathing NewYork
Excelets web page
Word count Rank and frequency
Zipfs Law
Transport etc. Demographic Gravitation
And an appropriate atlas to go with it
Pathfinder a visual Choreography
City Symphonies Looking at traffic
Digitising dance We are ChopChop
Flocking, in HTML5/Processing
Lindermayer systems HTML5, play with the code
Creatures avoiding planks
Self balancing pendulum
Shakespear's plays as networks