Still very Much a WIP (Work in progress!)

First of all, before you read any further you should be aware that one of the best sites for the Irish curriculum in physics is Noel Cunningham's site His LC material in particular are both comprehensive and very well thought out.

The syllabus and support Documentation Formula and tables to be used in state examinations (an Online Draft) SLSS page for physics, lots of links and up to date news. At this point quite possibly a better place to be than here! Noel Cunningham's great site "The Physics Teacher (exam papers, lessons video's etc.)

Videos - Large collection (over 100 You-Tube physics lessons, each about 10 mins long), easy going chalk-and-talk teaching style. - "Top 10 Physics Videos", A lot of fun, but not a great deal of educational content in each. The physics section from the MIT highlights for High schools section of the open course ware resources. Walter Lewin is a must see here!

On-Line / Interactive Resources A very cool applet that shows the scale of things, from 10^-35m to 10^26m (Commercial), the following info is provided by the suplier of the link:Digital Content for upper primary to leaving cert higher level. Excellent animations and videos covering all areas of the curriculum clarifying some difficult concepts. Variety of subscription options.

Lesson Plans

Thinkfinity- Many good resources, organized by subject and grade. American, some resources starred as being 'aligned to state standards'. A subject plan from Noel Cunningham
Junior Cert Physics "The Physics Teacher"A great set of revision notes sorted by topic


Other Sites/Transition Year Resources. From asteroids and dinosaurs to the hidden hazards of hairspray. The sites mission if to explain "what science is and how it really works", contrasted particularly to pseudo-science. A little polemic, but has engaging material. you can help do real astronomy. This is a crowd sourced project for doing real astronomy by having the public classify astronomical images. Its addictive, and will give your class a chance to do real science.Other projects here include analyzing ships logs, classifying craters on the moon and studying solar storms. You don't need to be an expert, the site will put you through 10 minutes of training looking at pictures, and you are ready to go! Note: A school teacher made a very significant discovery on this site in 2007 as described here: My favorite planetarium software. this is a free download, and has superb imagery when you zoom in on major galaxies, and nebulae.