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Building your PLE
Your PLE is your personal learning environment and is generally taken to be the collection of tools you use to explore the internet. The following suggestions were harvested from Week 2 and Week seven of PLENK2010, a very large 10 week online course facilitated by George Siemens, TEKRI, Stephen Downes, NRC, Dave Cormier, UPEI and Rita Kop, NRC. an infografic on 21st certury skills which is well worth exploring

1. demonstrates how any URL looks in a multitude of browsers across platforms
2. record all screen and audio activity on your computer
3. HTML Code Generator can be found at - N.B I know this works in the IE8 browser, but not Firefox !
4. Xinha Here! is a Firefox plugin that gives you a rich text editor that is available with any text area – doesn’t work in Chrome
5. generating URL 'shorteners - (available as a Chrome plugin at: the link .
6. Lazarus addon to firefox to resuscitate lost form messages(has saved my life many times)
7.Diigo highlights and annotates webpages does it- works also in password accessed environments like Moodle courses
8. Zotero is a Firefox extension which help you collect, manage, cite, and share research sources. It needs the most recent version of Firefox to function effectively
9. Zotero Everywhere standalone desktop version of Zotero with full integration into a variety of web browsers
10 text2mindmap Text 2 Mind Map is a web application that converts texts to mind map
12. 6 Free Tools For Managing Time Differences
13. Sean Fitzgeralds's Tips for subscribing to the forums
14. "Curated.By" users to aggregate different conversations/discussions -
15. to save archives of my stream or of hashtags
16. -takes archiving twitter to a different data place- writes it to your own Google spreadsheet, so you can run your own stats
17. Feedjit Live Traffic Feed includes photo and links to their website and social profiles
18. Disqus is a service that allows you to manage conversations on your blog and the other blogs that you comment on
19. TiddlySpace? lets you create notebooks on the web for any purpose
20. Jing: instant screenshots and screencasts
21. Tools available for academics
22. Evernote : killer application keeps notes that can contain text, images, webpages, files, document, sound file, all saved in 'the cloud' which sync across ALL of my computers (PC & Apple) and iPhone.
23. Chris Shambles megasite
24. free software
25. Mindmeister can sync it with a Mindmeister app on my iTouch
26. Comapping simple, allows chat and works well for maps, works and projects (Not free)
27. Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies (C4LPT) ‘THE’ tool list
28. Create Word Clouds Plenk2010 Wordles .
29. 'ZOOMING IN' ON PARTS OF DIAGRAMS with PREZI presentation tool
30. Pearltrees as a visual tool . See PLENK2010 site as a Pearltree at
32. Create your online card online in which you'll be able to integrate your networks
33. master list of learning tools which uses a Q&A approach
34. a graphical representation of tools customisable in search by country or category
35. Dropbox online storage tool, sync and share your files online and across computers. Free for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile, designed for both iPhone and iPad
36. Read Twitter as a daily newspaper
37. for your daily dose of PLENK2010 related tweets
38. Friendfeed creates a news feed from networks you belong to (Facebook, Digg, etc) public group
39. Trailmeme a new kind of publishing that allows you to blaze and walk trails through the web Eva’s trail
40. Zaid’s Powerpoint 10 recommendation
41. Screenr screen recording tool
42. Wolfram|Alpha - computational knowledge engine
43. Goofram - a mashup of Google and Wolfram
44. Synchtube create public and private rooms where you can watch synchronzied YouTube? videos with up to 50 people
45. Free Technology for Teachers blog by Richard Byrne
46. allows you to open several tabs with different Twitter search queries, browser-based
47. etherpad and backchan offer incredible value for collaboration through their ranking feature, similar to ideascale
48. Wix CREATE A FLASH P.L.E/PLN – Julias site
49. PLENK2010 Facebook Page
50. is a tool that can replace Ning as collaborative social network
51. folksemantics (search, recommend, collaborate, remix)
52. (open source) and ideascale (proprietary, but free basic account) are idea/comment collecting tools
56. Myers Briggs 'Type' type generator for blogs